Today we expect more from our products. It’s not just about being durable and functional, but also about sustainability. So, when it comes to the environment, Mirasol strives to put their best foot forward, which in this case means reducing their, and your, carbon footprint—and they are achieving just that.

With shutters that prevent heat loss or gain, this Energy Savvy® approach is a green success. In fact, Mirasol shutters are scientifically certified to meet rigorous energy savings criteria. Additionally, Mirasol shutters help maintain a safe environment. Mirasol is among those leading the way in reducing indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde, in response to a growing awareness of the effects of airborne chemicals on indoor air quality and our health. Finally, this fire retardant, advanced composite technology does not promote the growth of fungus or bacteria and is 100 percent recyclable.