Mirasol Gliders™

Mirasol Gliders feature an overhead aluminum track system from which the panels are suspended. Smoothly sliding on precision-crafted wheeled carriers, the panels glide open or closed as they are effortlessly pushed from side to side. A decorative valance completes the look.


Bi-Pass Track System

For larger windows and sliding glass patio doors, Mirasol’s sliding bi-pass shutters provide functional elegance. Requiring minimal space to glide open and closed, bi-pass shutters are the preferred track system solution.

With the extended track option, shutter panels can “stack back” upon the surrounding wall to totally clear the glass area, maximizing the view and filling the room with natural light when desired. + View the Stack Back Design

Bi-Fold Track System

Occasionally used as an alternate to bi-pass shutters, bi-fold shutters are yet another option for large window applications.