Four corners. No limits.


Rectangle and square windows come in every size imaginable, and Mirasol provides a solution for each one. Structural options such as T-posts and divider rails enable us to accommodate any size, width or height and are built to stand the test of time. Light control and privacy can be further customized with double hung or café shutters. When we look at a square window, we see a world of possibilities.



From the coziest kitchen window to floor-to-ceiling vistas, Mirasol will craft an elegant, high-quality shutter for any rectangle or square window.


Designed to cover the window’s lower portion, café shutters allow for full, natural light while maintaining privacy. This option is perfect for windows facing high-traffic areas like sidewalks and golf courses, letting you enjoy room-brightening sunshine with your privacy..



Double Hung

Double hung shutters feature independently operating panels mounted one over the other. They provide versatile light and privacy control, but they tend to sag in large applications. Unfortunately, Mirasol cannot defy the laws of gravity, so typically double hung combinations are specified for smaller windows.