Welcome to Mirasol

a product of ITA Inc.

International Trade Associates (ITA Inc.) began crafting high-quality interior design products in 1986. We take pride in supplying homeowners with a variety of long-lasting window coverings at an incredible value. Our first line of plantation shutters rolled out in 1991, the first in a lineage of products aimed redefining the possibilities of traditional wood and vinyl shutters. After more than twenty years, we’re proud to offer Mirasol Shutters as the new standard in interior shutter design and performance.

The flagship product of ITA Inc., Mirasol’s high-tech construction process results in shutters that combine the warmth and beauty of natural wood with modern function and durability, providing your home with elegant, energy-saving window treatments designed to become a permanent part of your home. Mirasol Shutters are sold exclusively though our network of independent specialists and expert installers.

Built with quality and pride in the U.S.A.

All Mirasol Shutters are American made to stringent ITA Inc. standards for durability, energy reduction, environmental friendliness and fire safety. Because we build our shutters in the U.S.A., you can count on fast reliable delivery.

Better than wood AND environmentally conscious

The secret to our durable, easy to maintain shutters is in the construction. We encapsulate a closed-cell composite core within a ruggedized cap stock that closely mimics the look and texture of natural wood. However, even finished wood remains susceptible to moisture intrusion, UV damage, dents and chips. The tough outer layer of Mirasol Shutters resists the elements and takes the punishment of normal, daily use. Most importantly, all Mirasol Shutters are constructed of environmentally friendly materials. We build 100% recyclable products that never leech harmful contaminants.

Carefree maintenance, because you deserve a moment in the shade

You’d rather enjoy your new shutters than maintain them, so Mirasol Premier and Mirawood™ shutter collections require little attention and no special care. Periodic use of a standard feather duster maintains the beauty of your Mirasol Shutters for years to come.

Every home. Every budget.

Enhance your home with high-fashion light control blended seamlessly into your personal decorative style. Mirasol’s versatile selection of frames and louvers lets you select the perfect combination of light and privacy for every window in your home. Best of all, our smart design and production process means lower prices for homeowners.